Maintaining a car nowadays seems like a huge, expensive hassle. They’ve become more advanced, so typically there’s more chance that something will go wrong, leaving you turning out your pockets yet again. But instead of sending it straight to the garage to get it fixed, why not do a little bit of handy work yourself, and see if you can suss out the problem. Here are some downright genius DIY tips for car owners that’ll save you some of your hard-earned cash!

Changing Air Filter:

Changing Air Filter
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Every 12 months or 12,000 miles or so, a car’s air filter will need to be replaced. The first thought into your mind is to take it straight to a mechanic who will most likely spend a day getting round to it.

For as little as £10 you could do it yourself, and it takes as little as 10 minutes.

If you’re scratching your head already uttering the words: “I think I’d rather trust an expert,” then you’re already defeating the aim of saving money and learning a thing or two.

How to do it

First of all, your air filter is located under the bonnet of your car. It’s usually in a black rectangular box with metal clips on the side. But if it’s not, check the car’s manual in the glove box. Once you’ve found it, open up the casing and check exactly how the air filter fits inside of it. Make note of the way it’s facing, so you don’t get confused when fitting the new one. Finally, replace the old worn out filter, add the brand new one and you’re ready to hit the road!

Changing The Wiper Blades:

Changing the wiper blades
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Wiper blades, technically, need to be replaced with a new set every six months to a year. Most people tend to use them until they’re physically scratching the screen (not advised). Again, your first thought is to head straight to the mechanic who offers you free installation but at quite a hefty price.

The short answer is DIY.

Installing some new wipers differs from car to car, so check out the manual and follow the steps for your vehicle. The process is fairly similar to the air filter change.

How to do it

  • Lift the blades as if you were washing your windshield, and carefully remove the old blades.
  • Pay close attention to how they’re connected to the metal arms at the base of the wiper.
  • Attach the new blades, but take care in doing so. You wouldn’t want to bend the blade or scratch your windshield.
  • Make sure they’re fastened tight, you should hear a solid click when they’re secure.

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Maintenance paint:

If you’re planning on selling your new car off one day, maintaining those little chips and cracks in the car’s paintwork WILL save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

You could head down to B&Q where you can pick up a bottle of touch-up paint for just a few quid. Once you’ve given your car a bit of TLC, let the paint dry for two days and then apply some polish. Good as new!

Follow these quick-fire tips and you’ll be on your way to saving some mega cash!


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