After you have done all the preparations for the trip on flight bookings, trip activities, and accommodation, you select the best Uganda car hire you can find and accept whatever happens. Here are some basics and rules that will keep you in the best choice of vehicles at any rental agency.

Pick Your Car:

Select a rental car agency that lets you pick your vehicle, if possible, either a specific model when you make your reservation more extensive selection upon arrival. It is also essential to place your booking early enough before leaving your home country.

For peak safari seasons, it is imperative to book your car rental at least 3 months before your travels! Or else, you can stand a good chance of being stranded in a destination with almost no help.
Also, be in the know that several companies have special programs that give you a choice of cars at more significant locations upon arrival. Most often, you can be picked up from the Entebbe International Airport and all major towns within Uganda.

Research Your Arrival At The Airport:

Research Your Arrival At The Airport:
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Your arrival airport can affect the record, so do not be afraid to call and ask about options ahead of time.
Where your reach can also affect your travel plans as most people have experienced, the physical location of the cars different from airport to airport. Some are located at the terminal, and rest is a long bus ride away.

Any time that you come up against an off-site set up, it can throw off your schedule for your entire trip.

Time Of Arrival Matters:

The time of arrival into both the smaller and bigger locations can make a huge difference in your choices. Try arriving a little bit earlier if you want an improved selection of the car you want to drive. Reaching your destination in the night may not be a good idea as the choice of vehicles may not be the best.

What To Choose:

What To Choose
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On some destinations, you could probably be entering the lot with a busload of fellow business travelers also on the stalk for the best car. These are some ordinary rental cars you should consider for your situation as you reach your location. If you are looking to traveling in remote areas, it is essential to book opt for a 4×4 Uganda car Rental. Some of the most crucial 4×4 options you can take include Toyota Rav4, Toyota Land Cruisers, Nissan Patrols, etc.

Best Vacation Carrier:

Got a family vacation planned with many kids, each with their car seat and not-so-collapsible stroller? Most of these models that give you enough space to put your stuff for kids that are mostly ignored by business travelers.

Best Recreational Vehicle:

Leading to the beach for the weekend? Choose a car with the stereo is solid, the storage is suitable for a couple of coolers and duffel, and you’ll feel younger and a bit hipper just by driving one. You will not regret it.

If you are looking at an adventure through the wilderness, it is essential to choose a rooftop tent safari vehicle that can make your lazy camping easier!

Live a Little:

The rental car lot can also be an excellent opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. You may have never owned a truck of any kind but can rent it when traveling. Maybe you’ve always wanted to own a particular type of car, but it’s never been the practical choice for your daily commute. Grab a 4x4WD and drive around with the top down just because you can. Have fun to the fullest because no one cares, you’re on the trip.

Check The Features:

Before you invest in a car, take the time to look for the feature you want on it. Does it have leather seats, a sunroof, and USB ports? Do not hurry unless your fellow tourists are snapping up cars encircling you. Take your time, test a few cars, and choose the one you like most.

Be Wary Of The Upsell:

At last, you’ll be hit up for a few upsells at the exit gate when you drive off of the lot. Never prepay for fuel. If you’re on a business trip, your tariff department might not support it, and it rarely works out to your advantage financially anyway.

You’ll be asked if you want GPS because most rental agencies disable that feature by removing the SD card. However, if you’re a modern human being, the possibilities are that you have a smartphone you can use it through a USB port or connect via Bluetooth.

You might also need a Toll Pass, a little device that will help you go through the tollbooths without stopping. There’s a daily rental charge for these in addition to the tolls you incur, so make sure that your route includes toll-free roads before you say yes.


Sometimes the best choice is no choice. You might want to have experience in a different car, but there are cities where it just best to take a taxi or Uber. This could save you daily parking fees in parking on top of your rental rates, not to mention the irritation of trying to find another parking spot once you get wherever you’re going. Your choice for the best car rental will entirely depend on your choice, but the tips shared above will help.


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