If there is a small quantity of water in gas tank then it is easy to figure out. This problem can be eliminated without removing the gas tank and emptying the components. It can be solved by filling the high-quality fuel and driving the car usually.

The internal engine is established only to suck in fuel. If there is water in gas tank it can damage the performance of the engine and also affect its other parts. However, before it damage other parts this problem needs to be solved immediately to escape from a big problem.

Symptoms of Water in Gas Tank

Symptoms of Water in Gas Tank
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When a vehicle came to occur any problem it will misbehave, to let the owner knows that something is wrong to address.

If there is a massive quantity of water present in the gas tank, then the following symptoms you will come to see.

  • If you are facing the problem of getting the speed of the highway, but your vehicle is not obeying. Then there is nothing wrong with them, but there is the possibility of water in gas tank
  • You may also face the volatile speed change of vehicle that you do not generally feel while driving.
  • It may also produce the soft explosive sounds that typically produced by engine by burning or heating.
  • When you hit the accelerator, and your car sputters even if your gas tank is full. Then you may have to look at the possibility of water defile fuel.
  • The engine will stop working. When you switched the key, it will start once but will stop at the next moment. This symptom is an indicator of the presence of water in the gas tank that needs to remove for maintenance.

* Lowering in Car Mileage:

It will reduce the power of the motor slowly, and if you don’t take it seriously then it will cause the reduction of vehicle mileage. Also, it will origin the biodegradation of fuel that will make the car lose power.

* How to Remove Water From The Gas Tank:

how to remove water in gas tank
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After viewing all the symptoms, you will come to know that the problem is water in the gas tank. However, after knowing it, it is most important to eradicate it before it creates huge damage inside a vehicle.

The first and most straightforward way to get rid of this problem is to replace the entire gas tank volume with a new one. Well, it can be a costly process but much more comfortable and time saver process. Ethanol-free fuels are the best one to use.  The second most straightforward way is to call a mechanic as they are well experienced to solve the problem.

* Use Additives:

In markets, there are several commodities in the market containing the methanol and special Additives that will help to absorb water. Hence it will be helpful if the water in gas tank is in small quantity.

  • Octane Booster: when you confirm with the symptom of water in gas tank you can exhaust it quickly using octane booster. The more comfortable and less expensive way to get rid of this issue. Once pour the Octane Booster in the gas reservoir it will absorb the water from inside.
  • HEET: HEET is a fuel that is formed to eradicate water from the gas tank. However, it will be beneficial if the quantity of water is fewer.

* Consultation:

Hopefully, this content will help you to understand the symptoms of water in gas tank and how to figure out this problem. Anyone can come to know about the symptoms quickly but to solve it keep the first option to consult a mechanic. The solutions mentioned above perform only if you are well known and have experience of it.



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